about myself and the process

Year One

not entirely sure where this takes me
but I hope you’ll partake in the process and enjoy it as much as I do

— Hana

Habi is

a Tagalog word associated with the act of weaving and the construction of matter;
a visual dosier of the world in which we exist, a reflection on matter and energy, seen and unseen.


a snapshot of my thought processes in creating Habi: Jan - Jun 2018


           I have this recurring feeling of self-doubt and insecurity that often plague my ability to produce work publicly. Though I didn’t always feel this way, my younger self was filled with this enviable self-confidence. I guess somewhere along the way, after a cocktail mix of bad decisions (relationships) and a lack of formal design education,  this fear of self expression began to fester in me. I had missed out on a lot of things by perceiving and measuring my(self) creativity as a commodity in which it’s value can seem erratic. It was only recently that I began to create from a place of love and freedom. At this moment, Habi serves as an environment where I may grow in confidence and rejuvenate the unreserved passion and exploration I once had for creating things.    



I’m a mess and a half, constantly overwhelmed, and stuck in my thoughts. Habi in essence provides a blank page for me to organize, externalize, and modify ideas. A framework for thought; a cognitive tool for non-linear learning; a visual soundboard.

“Thoughts need expression, whether for self or for others and cognitive tools provide expressive media... Ideally, the qualities of the tool  align with the qualities of thought, but not always. (So) when thought and tool are aligned, thought is enhanced.”

— Cognitive tools shape thought: diagrams in design, J. Nickerson

Growth & Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability to match your output vs your input. A consistent return on investment, be it time, resources, love, and or energy.  Eliminating the need for instant gratification, Habi serves as a sweetspot between work and play. It provides just enough structure while creating a landscape of freedom to grow and create. Through which I am able to collect, observe, and experiment daily, each element serving as a benchmark for the next. 


Habi is the practice of faith hidden behind a vivid exploration of dimensions, seen and unseen.